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PLEASE READ: Group Submission Rules

This is a group designed to capture and maintain the creators and writers intent for the show and the sensible canon that can occur. If they wouldn't post it at their desks, than it doesn't reflect their work.

There will be very strict rules is this group to make the founder a happy Ben 10 fan.

Because the fan base has become so fractured, any flame wars will not be tolerated. If I find any member attacking another no matter who started it first, you will get banned and blocked from this group. This is not unprecedented. Other groups have this rule to prevent fighting. I joined a science fiction group that has Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who. They make it clear the fandoms are not allowed to fight each other. So you are not allowed to do it either.


BLOOD AND GORE (bruises and scratches are okay)
USE OF DRUGS (The only drug reference was in Nor Iron Bars a Cage as an anti drug message. It wasn't an earth based drug)
CRACK PAIRINGS (examples Bevin, Bwen, BRook)
PLEASE! No art or fan fiction with the artist or writer in it!


KEEP IT RATED TV 7. I do allow some wiggle room for satire and comedy. BUT KEEP IT CLEAN! The show does.

PLEASE keep characters to the canon look of the show. I do allow for some variation of clothing but not powers. Alternate Universe depictions of characters have to what is shown in the show. NO FAN CREATIONS.

Fan fiction is touchy since I have to read everything. All rules mentioned for art apply here as well. The main problems with some fan fiction I reject appear to for sexual content or innuendo. I will allow for some mild curses (ex. That sucked. Rick Riodan has used it.) since Dwayne Mc Duffie admitted they likely do swear. But unlike George Carlin, I'm not a fan of the seven dirty words. Even one F bomb means its PG-13 or R so it's out. The B word is used in very hurtful ways as well so that is no good either. Stories should be set within the show timeline. I have let in a few alternate timeline stories.

If you have questions, please post them. If you want to know why a piece has been reject post or note me and I'll explain.

Thank you


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The favorites section features art by artist for the series and popular fan creations. Special feature. Storyboards from The Vengers by Fill Marc.

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Hi all

I'm planning a contest to mark the end of the Ben 10 series.

This contest will involve all three of the groups I run and maintain.

Prizes and rules are still in the works.

The contest will include both artist and fan fiction writers.

Whatever Duncan Rouleau said is coming involves the 10 year old Ben but it's not another series. That had ended.

My groups will always be open to fan art following group rules.

Stay tuned.

It was August 2009. My family was having a saturday lunch at my aunt's. It was too cloudy and it looked like it might rain so we ate inside. I remember it clearly; how everyone was dashing back and forth from the dinning room table to their spots in the living room, the TV blaring from the little den. It was turned on to Cartoon Network. When I was a kid, I never watched Cartoon Network. It wasn't that I did not know of its existence, but that Nickelodeon was the channel that was the easiest to get to. Cartoon Network was something I would watch over at my friends' house. I had seen some shows here and there, but none stood out.

I had taken my seat on the couch. A show called Ben 10 Alien Force was about to start. They were marathoning the first six episodes. A sic-fi show. I had never been into sic-fi, always was more into fantasy. I didn't have the highest of hopes.

Then the first episode started. The main character was a boy my age, whose grandfather had gone missing. There were alien attacks and conspiracies to take over the planet. The boy rose to the occasion and did something that he had not done in five years: he put on the watch, The Omnitrix that allowed him to change into different alien forms and fight those against him. And with the help of several characters, he went off to face the threat against his family and the earth.

I was hooked. I sat in front of the TV, not wanting for a second to advert my glance. I had never had been this invested in a show before, not even as a kid with Rugrats, Spongebob, or even Avatar The Last Airbender. When the six episodes were over I wanted more.

I began the long process of catching up. It took a year to be completely caught up with both the first series and Alien Force. I was only able to watch the new episodes on TV and the older ones on youtube. I wasn't aware at that time of websites that put up episodes like WatchCartoonOnline, and Netflix wasn't around. But that wasn't a big deal for me then and I was willing to take as much time as I needed to catch up.

It was the plot and the characters that grabbed my attention and they inspired my creativity.  I began to write fanfiction, which was something I had been doing for years, but did not know had a name until then. I explored situations I could see the characters in, present events in the shows and backstories from their point of view, and how they interacted with each other in multiple genres ranging from comedy to tragedy. I shared these stories with my friends, and it led to me creating a deviantart account where I could share my stories with fellow fans. I began to draw more, even though I wasn't particularly skilled. (I still draw poorly for those of you who ask) I created youtube videos: most of them AMVS. Even some of my first cosplays involved Ben 10: at my first convention two years ago I was Gwen Tennyson.

And for the first time in my life I joined a fan community. Deviantart was the main place where I could talk to other fans. We shared fanart and fanfiction and discussed the what was going on in the shows. There have been many people, some who are still around, others who have left, that I established meaningful connections with and consider to be my friends. And even though I probably will never meet them, I value them just like any other of my friends that I have.

So, I'd like to say thank you. To the writers: The Man of Action team, Dwayne Mc Duffie, Derrick J Wyatt, and countless others who spent so much time coming up with the stories that touched us all. To the artists and animators who drew, animated, and put so much detail into every scene. To the voice actors: Tara Strong, Meagan Smith, Paul Eiding, Dee Bradley Baker, Yuri Lowenthal, Ashley Johnson, Greg Cipes, Bumper Robinson, and many others who brought life to the characters that have resonated so strongly with the fans and become favorites. To my fellow fans for bonding over the four series together, and supporting each other through the good and the bad. Thank you. Thank you so much for making Ben 10 into the series that it is. It's been five fantastic years for me, and whether you've been here since 2005 or the beginning of this year, I hope you've had a blast too.

A big group hug for all,

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